Fight the Phish - Extend your security outside your firewall

We detect and eliminate online phishing attacks to protect your business, with a focus on supporting CISOs and security teams.

Vulnerability Assessment

We can test your organization's security policy compliance, the effectiveness of your employee security awareness training program, as well as your IT security team's ability to identify and respond to cybersecurity incidents including disaster recoveries

Penetration Testing

Our extensive experience in black, grey & white box penetration testing, with a particular focus on reverse engineering hardware layouts and firmware code, as well as traditional software will help you meet the requirements of PCI DSS, 11.3

Social Engineering

Phishing emails, CEO frauds, pretexting calls, and physical intrusions are on the rise and continuously in the news. Combined with zero-day-exploits, they become a dangerous weapon that is often used by advanced persistent threat actors.

Incident Response

Our incident response team can help your organization take control of a security compromise situation, reduce the damage, and protect critical assets. with our extensive knowledge % experience in managing and leading security incident investigations.

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Are you the target of a phishing attack?

  • Online phishing detection and prevention

    The only way to completely mitigate the risk of customer credential theft and account takeover is to disrupt a threat actor’s attack infrastructure and take phishing sites completely offline.

  • Detect and Take Them Down Within Hours

    Our experienced enforcement managers with IP legal education can swiftly take down fraudulent websites through established relationships with service providers, a proven reputation for high-fidelity threat intelligence, earned through submitting large volumes of abuse reports.

  • Zero integration, zero set up & immediate monitoring

    We remove threats from websites, marketplaces, social media, lookalikes, mobile apps, executive impersonation, and fraud using advanced anti-phishing software.


eStreetSecurity’s robust technology scans the internet, analyzes potential threats and detects phishing threats, online brand abuse, TM infringements and counterfeit sales. Our experienced and skilled takedown experts remove those threats relentlessly.

Secure Software Development

Software development should be a rapid, efficient, and secure process. We would help you integrate security into the design, development, testing, integration, and deployment of your code.

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Vulnerability Assessment

This involves identifying assets, potential vulnerabilities, assessing risks, developing a mitigation plan, implementing it, and monitoring/testing the system to proactively secure against cybercrime.

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eStreet helps companies to comply with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, and Cyber Essentials - which requires implementation, maintenance, processes & actions to prevent sanctions.

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Forensics & Malware Analysis

We use specialized forensics tools and techniques to identify, collect, and analyze digital evidence from computers and networks, providing our customers with the highest level of security and protection against malicious actors.

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Penetration Testing

By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, penetration testing helps strengthen your security measures, prevent costly cyber attacks, and safeguard your business reputation.

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Secure Awareness Training

Our comprehensive security awareness training equips your employees with the knowledge and practical skills needed to identify and prevent cyber threats, ensuring your organization remains safe and secure from malicious activities.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our team will identify and document all necessary assets for assessment.

Vulnerability assessments find weaknesses while penetration tests determine how cyber defenses hold up; conducting a thorough security risk assessment is crucial to implementing key security controls that consider every aspect of security.

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eStreet Security helps companies to comply with ISO, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, EU NIS, and Cyber Essentials.

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Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft solutions: Outlook, 365, Teams and Azure AD, ADFS, SSO, G-Suite

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Enterprise-level reporting allows you to see ROI. Get a 360 view of the entire organization.

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Gamified, interactive, and enjoyable security awareness training with short and efficient testing.

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What Client’s Say About Us

We develop and deliver exactly what is needed to accomplish your goals within the time and budget constraints we agree upon. No detours, no cost overruns, no excuses — just results.

24/7 Cybersecurity Operation Center

eStreetSecurity is prepared to assist organizations in preparing for, responding to, and minimizing the effects of cyber attacks.

  • Security assessments
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Security strategy development
  • Cybersecurity training
  • Instant Malware Removal
  • Incident response planning
  • Security monitoring and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Threat intelligence
  • Vulnerability management

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